They are often haughty and aloof. They have a serious aversion to bathing. They eat disgusting things. They prefer their females unshaven. They are certain of their superiority to the point of arrogance even though they are neutered. But unlike the French, these boys are sweet, lovable fur balls who do not care for Jerry Lewis movies. And they never, ever surrender.

Name: CFOMahm
Home: Metro Detroit, Michigan, United States
About Me: Italian/Polish (yes, that does make me both opinionated and dense, but there is definitely good eating at my house!). Fan of bad jokes, crossword puzzle addict, old enough to know better, but still young enough not to care. Known to the Gang of Three as "Mommy Cat - Almighty Keeper of the Can Opener and Mistress of the Front Door".
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Monday, May 01, 2006

Kitty Movie Monday!

It is Kitty Movie Monday! Visit our furry friends and post your own videos too. Much thanks to Laurence Simon for getting Kitty Movie Monday up and running. This is going to be great fun. Every cat gets a chance to be the star they were born to be. If you are not familiar with YouTube, please go check it out. Even a total non-techie like me is able to post my videos and embed them in my website with absolutely no hassle. A great place to store an extra copy of your favorites.

How Old Is Your Cat?

For those who have never seen this before, here is a handy chart for converting your cat's age into the approximate equivalent of human years. I see that in August of next year my boys will actually become 6 months older than me. Here is a picture of my queen cat - Smokie. She passsed away almost 2 years ago at the ripe old age of 92. Had her since she was a kitten and I still miss her little ways. Smokie definitely ruled the roost and brooked no nonsense from the triplets. My human boys could not remember life without her and were heartbroken when she died. Smokie always loved sitting outside under the lilac shrub and other bushes. When we knew she was failing that last week, I bought a beautiful Hydrangea and when the time came, Jim & Michael buried her and marked her spot with it. Smokie would be pleased.