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Friday, December 09, 2005

Thoughts On The Miami Airport Shooting

First off I want to make it clear that I am sorry that a person died in this incident. IF the facts are as has been stated, it is a darn shame. However,

  • Good for the Air Marshals. They had no choice.
  • No, they could not have shot to wound, not kill. If he did have a bomb they had to be certain that he would not be able to finish his mission.
  • The Air Marahals would have been remiss to listen to the wife. Had there been a bomb and they had hesitated because of her protestations the man may have succeeded in killing many.
  • I want to see proof he was mentally ill and supposed to be on medication. Medical records please. We only have his wife's word that he was mentally ill. Trust, but verify.
  • This could have been a dry run, a probe of our security. The terrorists have done that before.
  • It's not our fault he chose to go off his meds. He made that decision.
  • If he was mentally ill and off his meds what in heck is wrong with his wife that she didn't make sure to slip them in his o.j. for a couple days before the flight.
  • If a person claims to have a bomb, that's good enough proof for me.
  • If you do not comply when law enforcement tells you to get on the ground and not move but instead reach for something, they are justified to shoot you.
  • If anyone should be blamed for this, it is the Islamofacists who changed our world on 9/11.


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