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Saturday, March 11, 2006

To Hell With Understanding

Emperor Darth Misha I of the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler does a terrific fisking of Karen Armstrong's article from today's The Guardian. Her stupidity in the face of Islamofacism makes me ill. What don't the LLLs get about this threat? How can they be so stupid as to not realize the true agenda of the politcal-system-disguised-as-a-religion known as Islam? Nor do they realize that they & their ilk will not be killed last, they will be killed first. The Emperor is on a roll with this one. Just wish he wouldn't hold back so much and would let us all know what he really thinks. /sarc off Here's a sample, read it all. (Article in black, Emperor in red.)

The Muslim view that the west has double standards has been entrenched, and reconciliation postponed And the view among non-Dhimmis that muslims are a bunch of savage, howling monkeys who’ll use any excuse to burn, rape, pillage and murder has been proven true. So what’s your point? The crisis occasioned by the Danish cartoons, which depicted the prophet Muhammad as a terrorist, And he wasn’t? Some remedial koran-reading would seem to be in order here. Oh, and don’t you just love the assertion that the crisis was “occasioned by the Danish cartoons?” Those poor misunderstood muslims who understandably demonstrated, murdered and burned down embassies and churches were completely innocent. After all, in the opinion of the tolerant and inclusive natterati, you can’t very well expect anything else from the darkies, can you? The Emperor hits it out of the ballpark again. I get so sputtering angry and incoherent when I read things like Ms. Armstrong's or talk to dhimmis like her. The PC, "tolerant" crowd. I never know where to begin deconstructing their fallacious reasoning. Thank you Emperor.


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