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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Ban The Auto-Flush Toilet!

Nick Schulz over at Slate has a wonderfully funny article about The Crappiest Invention of All Time - Why the auto-flushing toilet must die. I am squarely in his corner on this one. Hate those damn things. The first one I encountered scared the sh*t out of me (well it would have had I not already ... well, you know.). Here's a sample... "To understand why hands-free toilet technology stinks, you must first understand three things that any well-designed loo should permit you to do. 1) Clean the pool. You must be able to flush the toilet easily before sitting down, in case any detritus remains from a previous, inconsiderate visitor. 2) Clean the pool, again. You must be able to flush more than once after you are done. Some of us are more prolific than others, and courteous patrons will want to ensure that Point 1 is unnecessary for whomever follows. 3) Issue a courtesy flush. If you plan to settle down with the sports page, you should flush immediately after dropping the kids at the pool. There's no need to let the kids linger any longer than absolutely necessary. This is for the benefit of other visitors. Remarkably, the automatic-flush toilet makes all three of these tasks more difficult." Nick also has a few issues with those hands free faucets. Gosh I despise those too. I almost ripped the first one I saw right out of the sink, yanking and pushing and pulling, trying to figure out how to turn the damn thing on. Read the whole article - it is quite funny.


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