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Friday, December 09, 2005

Mental Illness & The LLL

In the name of freedom, the left said people who are unable to cope have the right to refuse medication and help. These poor unfortunate souls now get attorneys to help them enforce their rights - including the right to be able to live on the street in misery. I have family that are Democrats. Not crazy LLLs, just folks who grew up Democrat and refuse to see how the party has changed and been taken over by the moonbats. One family member works for the state in the mental health field. They are always raving about how all the layoffs in their department are the fault of the Republicans. I tell them that it was the Dems who insisted you can't lock up or force the people into treatment. What's the government supposed to do - keep the asylums open when there is no one to populate them? I know asylums had a bad name and there were abuses, but the libs went too far. It is almost impossible to get someone committed now. If you manage that, they get released as soon as their meds kick in and they can function. Then out they go to a world where they are not supervised in the taking of said meds and well, the obvious happens. And the Dems complain about the problem of the homeless and mentally ill THAT THEY CAUSED!! There was a great place near my home. Eloise, the county mental health hospital. Huge acreage out in what was a fairly rural area when it was built. The patients had their own farm and gardens, stores and library and church. It resembled a college campus with many dorms, large and small. The patients were able to live in peace and safety away from the predators and their own demons. Sure it would be ideal if they could have lived in the world. But they couldn't and it is a shame that they have all been thrown to the wolves now. Eloise is long gone, we have the mentally ill living sad, dangerous, desperate lives out in the world, but the Dems in my family just don't get it.


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