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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Taquiya & Jihad

Cox & Forkum have it right about CAIR. They ain't foolin' me. I've lived in (or near) Dearborn for the last 32 years. Taquiya to the max. The Koran says it is perfectly OK to lie to infidels. Why do so many people persist in taking them at their word for anything . And then there is this lovely woman running for a seat on the Palestinian legislative council (that is so many oxymorons I don't even know where to begin.). She wishes she had "100 sons to sacrifice." Well, I for one, will be happy if she merely sacrifices all the ones she has - hopefully before they reproduce. (Hope he** doesn't run out virgins before her youngest becomes a "martyr". ) /sarc Gonna make me wear a burka or hijab - yeah right. Come on over here and try to do it lady. I turned 50 today but I have no doubt I can take her.


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