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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Another Use For Kitty Litter

It is snowy here in Michigan. The cats are loathe to go outside and that means a lot more litter box cleaning. Which reminds me of a favorite work story. The trucks our drivers use are small domestic pickups that handle poorly in the best of conditions. We try to put a little extra weight in the back during the winter season. Two years ago, when I was still driving, we threw a couple 40# bags of Ice Melt in back of each. Unfortunately my bags got stolen while I was making a delivery. (I swear some people will take anything that isn't tied down.) I was furious that anyone would be such a lowlife and wanted to figure out something I could put in the bed that no one would be able to take - or would regret if they did. It came to me a couple days later. At the time we had 5 cats. Lots of poop. I was cleaning the litter boxes thinking how "This stuff sure weighs a lot more used than it does new." The light bulb came on and I put all the garbage bags full of used kitty litter inside the empty kitty litter bags and taped them back up. It took a couple weeks till I had enough, but in the winter of 2003, I drove around with 100# of nastiness in my truck bed. One of those bags got stolen as well and I still smile imagining the surprise that thief got when he opened his ill gotten gains. Got plenty for our drivers this season. Good Kitties. Mommy's little poop machines.


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