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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Biggie - The Bad, Bad Bunny Biter

The Easter Bunny will not be making his scheduled deliveries. Blame Mr. Bigglesworth. (If you are really sensitive and/or really unaware of the natural instincts of cats, DO NOT scroll down.) Elmer Fudd says "He's a wabbit swayer!" Mr Bigglesworth was just culling the herd. Any bunny with parents dumb enough to still be living in our yard probably will not live long anyway and should be cut out of the gene pool. I mean really, I have had cats for the entire time we have lived in this house. No rabbits until the last 5 years. What do they not understand about the smell of cat pi**? Kind of a "Hey, maybe we shouldn't live here" signal in my book. I used to get upset and go outside hollering at the cats, turning the hose on them to get 'em to let the bunnies loose. (Did you know rabbits can scream? I didn't.) But I have finally decided the heck with it. Survival of the fittest. I just wish I had noticed that Mr. B. was carrying something before I let him in the house. When I finally saw what he had, it scared the B'jezus out of me. (Boy did he growl at his brothers and I as we tried to take it away from him.)


Blogger Laurence said...

Kill da wabbit... kill da wabbit! ;) -ls

3/20/2006 11:24:00 AM  

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