They are often haughty and aloof. They have a serious aversion to bathing. They eat disgusting things. They prefer their females unshaven. They are certain of their superiority to the point of arrogance even though they are neutered. But unlike the French, these boys are sweet, lovable fur balls who do not care for Jerry Lewis movies. And they never, ever surrender.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Cats As Guards

Got to sleep in this morning (til 6am!). Went to descend the steps from the bedrooms and what do I find? All 3 of the boys, lined up in the same order as they do for their food dishes, sleeping at the edge of the top step. Can't possibly make it to the first tread, 'cause they are so wide & so long & packed so dense that I can't get around 'em. (Well I could've, if I'd been willing to stomp/kick one of them, but they hadn't held me prisoner long enough to justify that sort of behavior.) Have to beg and plead and cajole to get one of them to move enough so I can get to the downstairs. The little suckers are cunning. They are learning more every day how to work in concert. I fear for the future.


Blogger Judith said...

My two work as a team as well. One 'herds' me towards the kitchen whilst the other howls by the bowls.

One jumps on me in bed, and the other howls by the door.

One comes into the bathroom and the other guards the doorway (in case I escape?)

They must have secret chats to agree on strategies.

3/16/2006 04:41:00 AM  

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