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Sunday, March 19, 2006

It's No Myth

A new addition to my blogroll, The Religious Policeman, has a lot of great reading. Mr. A is a Saudi living in the U.K. and he is one terrific writer. Today's story about having to go shopping with his wife in Saudi Arabia to protect her "from the mythically lecherous Lebanese men" is LOL funny.

As we have prejudices about virtually every nation in the world, it won't be a surprise that we have strong prejudices about our fellow-Arabs, the Lebanese. We see them as "smoothies", louche, French-influenced, into all sort of Haram entertainment, particularly belly-dancing and cabaret-singing, although their cooking is quite good.
I have some experience dealing with Middle Eastern men & Lebanese men in particular.. Indeed they do think they are God's gift to women. My first day living in Dearborn, Michigan I was walking down the street and two of them pulled up beside me in their Pontiac Firebird (THE cruising-for-chicks car of choice for young males at the time) and wanted to know if I'd like to go for a ride. They looked like a couple of "wild & crazy guys" and added that they had Led Zeppelin tapes. Whew-wee!! Now there's a an offer I found hard to refuse. Those silver-tongued devils almost talked me into it. /sarc off The rest of my two years in Dearborn were pretty much downhill from there. Same old, same old. I'm no beauty to be sure, but I don't have a face that frightens small children. I was young then (early twenties). And I was blond. Guessing I must have looked pretty stupid/naive too. Not a day went by that I didn't get hit on by at least one gold-chain-sporting, too-much-cologne-wearing, glib-talking jackass. This one in which he explains the Muslim Offense Level (similar to our Terrorist Alert Level) is excellent also. Right now we are at "Elevated"...
Meaning - We are definitely cross, because people keep blaming us for 9/11, Parisian cars getting torched, Saudi women getting stoned Non-Muslim response - Pretend that these things have nothing to do with Islam or Muslims, tell everyone how we brought algebra to 9th Century Spain Consequence of non-compliance - We will cause even more mayhem. Did you leave your car out in the street?
Definitely worth a visit & a bookmark.


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