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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wide World Of Web

Spanning the globe to bring you a constant variety of entertainment... A hat tip to Ace Of Spades for alerting us to this product. Thank goodness the company goes into so much detail about how to use their product, I'd never have known what to do. (Perhaps that info is for the ROPers who are accustomed to using use their hand or a rock.) And it brings us to the question of the day - Fold or Crumple? (I prefer crumpled.) And while we are talking about crap, Laurence Simon at This Blog Is Full Of Crap has a sad story of yet another Palestinian work accident here. No virgins for you Abdul. You failed to take out any infidels when you blew your dumb ass up. Over at Joe Sherlock's The View Through The Windshield he writes about the possibility of GM going bankrupt. Joe seems to think it is unavoidable. A sample...

All of us are convinced that GM is well on its way to bankruptcy. Forget sophisticated cash flow analysis, reading the details of 10-K filings, etc. It's a gut feel - based on lack of good product, GM's severe and continuing misreading of the market, the number of GM cars seen in rental lots, the substantial off-price deals being offered on most models ('March Madness' being the latest) and the lack of interest by any of our friends in owning anything made by GM. Oh, and the fact that it's trying to sell GMAC - its most profitable entity - is a big signal, too. Another tip-off is the bankruptcy of several key Tier I suppliers.
Joe knows the auto industry. If he thinks it's this bad, I believe it.

One of my car buddies remarked, "Because of warranty issues that might result from these bankruptcies, I can't - in good conscience - recommend a Ford or GM product to anyone. It hurts me to do this (he's been a loyal Ford man for 40+ years) but I'm telling people to check out Honda and Toyota if they're thinking of a new car."

Go read the whole thing. Scroll down to March 15th. And finally we have video of a a rather insane dog. Be sure to have your speakers turned up as you watch him try to protect his chew toy from a perceived thief.


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